���Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri��� Is This Awards Season���s ���La La Land���

For many, the distinction is clear. Dixon's role in the story was described as "wholly offensive" by the Daily Beast in a piece by Ira Madison III. "It’s the type of journey that will surely tug at the heartstrings of industry voters and might just lead to awards success," writes Madison. "But more than likely, that 'moral compass' was only brought about by the visceral image of a young white woman being violated that sprung him into action. The memories of those black bodies he apparently tortured in custody don’t keep him up at night."

McDonagh's film walks an often perilous line between comedy and drama, attempting to wring awkward laughs immediately following moments of violent trauma. In a brilliant, widely-shared essay for The New York Times, critic Wesley Morris described the film as "a cupcake rolled in glass." It's an image that gets at what can be so grating about the experience of watching Three Billboards: There are things about this movie that are appealing. McDormand, who feels like a lock to win her second Best Actress Oscar in March, is an enormously entertaining actress and the role of Mildred fits her dry, sardonic delivery. She's bracingly funny and brings a singular warmth to a prickly part.

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