Boulder Woman, 97, Still Revels In Her Dollhouse Days

The Dr. Seuss-like scale of things within this dollhouse hints in dozens of ways that family — not factory workers — built it and furnished it piecemeal.

But only Doris Hass, 97, can see the invisible fingerprints of her father and her paternal grandfather on the staircase's dark carved wood, still shiny since 1925 with varnish. Only she can envision the Christmas mornings during her girlhood growing up on Long Island, N.Y., when her family gave her yet another accessory to furnish the home, which explains why everything — though uniformly miniature — is slightly and delightfully out of scale.

Green bone china tea cups and saucers with gold trim sit as big as teapots on the table. The old fashioned vacuum cleaner handle might reach the armpit of a to-scale adult in the dollhouse.

Nevermind that the American flag at the peak could set the house sailing in a strong breeze or that the beach chair on the sunroof dwarfs companion lawn furniture there.

"It looks as if they were having a party up on the deck again," Hass said, eyeing the current arrangement on a recent chilly January day.

Then, perhaps by way of disclaimer, the longtime Boulder resident explained why the dollhouse and its family traveled with her from New York and is still part of her life.

"...You know, I am a fairly realistic person. So, I don't go around dreaming," she said. " But I was an only child, and the dollhouse was a place where I could play and have a nice time."

"Go on," she continued. "Plug it in."


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Boulder woman, 97, still revels in her dollhouse days