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The Sky Atlantic drama is set in 43AD and has been written by playwright Jez Butterworth and his brother Tom.

Over the course of the series, audiences will see the Roman invading Britain and trying to conquer its people who consist of Druids and Celtic tribes. 

Along with the invasion, there will be divisions and battles between the native tribes who are all seeking power. 

Speaking about Britannia, co-creator Tom said: “I guess at heart it’s about catastrophic, violent change and what that does to the people who are going through it. And perhaps to those who are the instruments of it.”

He went on to say: “We wanted to show that the Romans weren’t invading a Britain that we are used to seeing as the one that was invaded. It’s a very divided place. 

“It’s much more multicultural than you might be expecting as well. There were people from all over Europe living in England at that time and especially with the Druids, who would travel all over the continent. 

“The people who were doing the invading don’t operate in a way that you’ve seen before either. 

“They’re mutinous, scared and they have this general - you’re trying to work out what his genuine intentions are in being there. Whether it’s martial, strategic, or whether he has reasons of his own.”

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