Decoding The Dunk: Measuring The Strength Of A Slam

>The slam-dunk is one of basketball’s mightiest moves. While it might not be worth the most points on the scoreboard, but it’s worth a ton in court credibility. Even non-basketball fans can appreciate the power and skill that dunking requires, and the NBA capitalizes on the power of the dunk by putting on a Slam Dunk competition every year.

But for a long time there was no real way to measure just how powerful each player’s dunk was. Now, however, the MIT Media Lab has designed a net that can measure the force with which a player dunks, reports >Wired.

The trick is in the threads that >the net is made of. They’re conductive, so whenever anything touches the net – like a ball being dunked through it – the threads create a current. The size of that current reflects the power of the dunk – which is sent along to a chip behind the backboard and then onwards to the announcers and fans.

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Decoding the dunk: measuring the strength of a slam
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