Do K Pop Fanboys Have It Harder Than Fangirls? Fans Discuss...

"I’ve always kept it like an open secret that I stan KPop because in general especially in the early 2010s, people that aren’t of East Asian descent get judged quite easily for listening and loving these kinds of things. (Filipino guy here). I think it has more to do with my culture’s inherent love for all things Western and white (American, except country music because the only ones who love that kind of thing are guitar junkies and returning Filipinos who were mostly in the Midwest during their stay in the US). Loving more Asian rooted stuff that isn’t Filipino makes you weird.

Boys have it harder at the time because there can only be two things that people think if you are KPop fan (esp if you stan GGs more):

1) You’re gay because pretty women who you wanna look like. 2) You’re creepy because you fetishize East Asian women.

Girls at the time were okay to stan KPop artists because of the whole East Asian invasion that started due to Meteor Garden in 2001. F4 was awesome and ‘cause they were men, it was okay for girls at the time to like East Asian men more. Given the only girl that came to the limelight was Barbie Hsu and the only exposure to East Asian women in media was hentai and anime, the mindset of liking East Asian women made you a creep in hindsight."

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Do K-pop fanboys have it harder than fangirls? Fans discuss...
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