How Silicon Valley’s Capitalist Greed Continues To Cheat Creators And Rob American Culture

YouTube created a program called Content ID, which requires the content owner to submit a copy of their work, and the technology will find a match and report the potential infringement to the copyright holder. Unfortunately, it is an imperfect technology, and manual claiming is still required. Joe Moschella, SVP, head of business and legal affairs at Jukin Media, a company that specializes in representing user-generated content creators, recently said, “You need manual claiming even on platforms with Content ID… You’ll find your content in compilations, in news broadcasts; CI won’t pick it up when it should.” And he is talking about websites and platforms that have Content ID — and most do not.  Since it requires constant monitoring and Joe Lauro can’t sue YouTube itself, he is left chasing shell companies and kids overseas. He said, “It’s chaos.”

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How Silicon Valley’s capitalist greed continues to cheat creators and rob American culture
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