Move To America? Maybe If Trump Leaves, Say Norway’s Top Creatives

President Trump this week sparked a great deal of consternation by reportedly dismissing Haiti and some African nations as “shithole countries” while desiring more immigrants from, specifically, Norway.

Trump likely picked Norway because of his positive meeting this week with conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg, and given the electoral success of the country’s right leaning coalition government, there are almost certainly Norwegians who support Trump’s nationalistic approach.

But there doesn’t appear to be much love for Trump within Norway’s creative industry.

Norwegian journalist Hilde Nyman, an editor for advertising publication Kampanje, today asked some of the top leaders in Norway’s creative agencies whether they were tempted by Trump’s call for more immigrants from their country. She sent the responses to Adweek so their feedback could be shared with a U.S. audience.

While some definitely seem interested in working within the U.S. marketing industry, they were consistently critical of Trump’s leadership and how his comments reflect on America:

Aris Theophilakis

Aris Theophilakis, founder & CEO, Futatsu Industries:

“Having lived and worked in seven countries around the world, some of them with arguably strange leaders, a stint in the US isn’t all that scary. Actually, one way to make America Great Again would be to get some Norwegians to implement a Nordic style welfare system that increases social mobility and distributes opportunities and resources more evenly. And actually if the Health Tech startup I’m involved in gains traction over the next couple of years, who knows where that can take us.

“But a posting with the current administration might not be all that tempting even though they seem to have quite a few openings that require very ‘creative’ people.”

Aram Zarkoob Vaughan

Aram Zarkoob Vaughan, creative producer, agency Kitchen:

“Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, there is more to Norway than the blue-eyed, blond-haired associations many get when thinking about us. I was born in Tehran, Iran. I’m not sure if his comments about wanting Norwegian immigrants is valid just for the glossy picture of the mentioned blond/blue eyes, or if he is interested in the diversity that makes Norway such a great country.

“That being said, the United States makes some of the world’s best commercials, and my agency is linked to the Leo Burnett network, whose headquarters is located in Obama’s hometown, Chicago. I’m always curious about new perspectives, something the USA represents well. If I ever get to work in the U.S., it will be despite of Mr. Trump’s comments. Fortunately, the USA is much bigger and more exciting than Mr. Trump.”

Lina Aas-Eng

Lina Aas-Eng, creative, agency Pol:

“Working with great colleagues in New York City would be very nice. The frustration over right-wing politicians is something we can relate to, in both our countries.

“In fact, Norway was a ‘shithole country.’ And in the 1920s, when Norwegian sailors went to the U.S., they settled in garbage dumps in Brooklyn. They were unemployed, drank methanol and were probably not very welcome. But we came around, didn’t we? So maybe Trump should look for the potential in the ‘shithole countries’ as well.

Mai Bente-Paulsen

Mai-Bente Paulsen, CEO, communications agency Something Good:

“One of the core ingredients in creativity is diversity and cultural exchange. That’s also one of the things that makes America America. So it might be a good mission to go over there and try to educate the man in his own country, but I think that fight is already being fought by half the country.

“I hope America recovers after this. For my part, I will enjoy the freedom of my own country. Freedom like free healthcare and equal rights. But in 2020, with the new U.S. president, I’d be happy to come.  Thanks for the invitation.”

Lars Joachim Grimstad

Lars Joachim Grimstad, creative director, agency Try

“I would love to come work in the creative business in the U.S. As soon as they get rid of their shithole leaders.”

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Move to America? Maybe if Trump Leaves, Say Norway’s Top Creatives
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