What Does It Take To Be A Cincinnati Snow Plow Driver?

Snow plows have been out in force Friday to clear roads and make them safe for drivers.

WLWT spent a couple of hours riding along with Cincinnati Public Services Department in Clifton.

Freezing rain, ice and snow created quite the challenge for plow truck drivers during the evening rush.

"Now it's about to get tricky, because you've got people getting off work. So now I've got to be extra-careful because. I've got traffic to deal with. People are trying to get home and stuff, so the cars kind of make it difficult," plow driver Tim Booker said.

Booker has been behind the wheel of a plow for three years. Friday, he hit the trouble spots in Clifton with salt, giving drivers a fighting chance.

"Clifton, it can be tricky because of the hills we have," Booker said.

Driving can get treacherous around this part of the Queen City for crews, especially as they start plowing, and now just salting.

"When we put our plow on, it makes our truck a little more wider so we definitely have to be careful and that," Booker said.

Driving up Clifton Avenue, Booker had to bail out a few drivers stuck on slick roads, so he blasted salt to give a little more traction.

"Being on that hill right there, it was kind of a bad place to be ... hey, that's what we out here for," Booker said.

This veteran driver has helped free lots of cars, buses and even police cars from slick roads; he says it's a rewarding job he loves.

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"To be honest, helping the citizens out to get home safe, kind of gave me the satisfaction of helping people get home safe," Booker said.

Cincinnati will have crews out around the clock through Saturday morning because the snow is still expected to fall.

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